Dental Veneers in Knoxville, TN

Have you decided that it’s time to upgrade the appearance of your smile? If you answered “yes” and are looking for more information on one of the easiest ways to accomplish your goals, our dentist has the answer: dental veneers.

At TLC Dental Care, we always consider the least invasive treatments first. For smile restoration, this is usually orthodontic treatment and teeth whitening as they do not damage the teeth. Veneers are the first-line restorative treatment after orthodontic and whitening treatments have been ruled out.

Beautiful and Natural in Their Appearance

Two of the things that our patients love best about dental veneers from our dentist in Knoxville, TN, are that they are very natural in appearance and require only one or two appointments, depending on the material that’s used.

That means if you have an important event coming up and haven’t yet scheduled time that is required for other treatments to work, you can still have amazing results when you book an appointment for dental veneers near you at TLC Dental Care.

For example, dental veneers from our dentist near you can correct teeth that are misshapen instead of having to rely on the months of treatment time required from dental aligners. Also, if you have teeth that have not responded to bleaching or whitening, dental veneers can make the color corrections that you’ve been unable to achieve.

Veneers are a less invasive option compared to dental crowns. To fit veneers, we only remove half the enamel on the front of the tooth. For crowns, most if not all of the enamel is removed in order for the crown to fit.

More Reasons to Consider Veneers in Knoxville, TN

Dental veneers can also be used to correct the appearance of a cracked tooth, a chipped tooth, or the gaps between teeth. Veneers are so versatile in their use that many cosmetic, family, and general dentists in Knoxville, TN, refer to them as the workhorse in their smile makeover designs.

Convenient Appointment Hours for Makeover Consultations

When you visit our Knoxville, TN dentist for a veneer consultation or any of the multi-specialty cosmetic and general dentistry procedures we offer, our friendly dental care team will provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan that is flexible enough work with even the busiest of schedules. If you have an hour to learn more, then we invite you to book an appointment now using our convenient online booking tool. Our team is looking forward to caring for your smile soon.

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