Full Mouth Rehabs in Knoxville, TN

Are you searching for a dentist near you that has the experience needed to perform full mouth rehabs in Knoxville to not only help you reclaim the beauty and confidence of your smile but also to ensure that the problems that led to your needing the rehab don’t resurface? If so, look no further than our dentist at TLC Dental Care.

Advanced Specialized Care

Even though every patient will have a different reason for seeking a full mouth reconstruction, every patient is guaranteed to benefit from the high degree of advanced education and experience that Dr. Cribbs brings to these intensive treatments.

Some of the most common benefits that you can expect to receive from a full mouth rehab from our dentist include, but are not limited to improved dental health by resolving gum disease, tooth decay, and excessive wear; and strengthening of the dental structure to support dental implants or resolve TMJ concerns.

But there’s added benefit as well. Patients tell us that what they love the most about their full mouth rehab is the restoration of their self-confidence – something they thought might have been lost forever!

What to Expect from Your Full Mouth Rehab

Our Knoxville dentist will work with you to design a treatment plan that is segmented in its approach to ensure proper healing between procedures. A full mouth rehab may require more than a year of treatment time to allow optimum healing between procedures.

Move One Step Closer to Confidence and Peace of Mind

Your smile is our pride and joy here at TLC Dental Care, but so is your dental health and peace of mind. We want you to have the assurance of knowing that you’ll never have to worry about the conditions that caused you to need a full mouth rehab in the first place from resurfacing. We have the training, experience, and skill needed to give you a smile that will be your pride and joy too!

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