Dental Bonding in Knoxville, TN

Dental bonding at TLC Dental Care in Knoxville, TN might be the answer to a chipped or broken tooth. Many of our patients experience great distress because of the way a chipped tooth affects their smile. With time, people start to hide their smiles because they become too self-conscious.

At TLC Dental Care, we want you to face the world every day with a smile. Dental bonding might just be what you need. We’ll need to examine and assess your dental status before deciding that bonding would be a good option for you. We always discuss treatment options with our patients and let them decide what they want to do.

What Is Dental Bonding

In dental bonding, we use composite resin to improve the way teeth look. It can be used in chipped, cracked, stained, and broken teeth.

Dental bonding can be completed in a single visit, unlike crowns and veneers. We’ll first apply the gel to the affected tooth to make the composite resin stick. After applying the resin, we’ll use an ultraviolet light to improve adherence. The procedure is painless, and we’ll do all we can do make you comfortable.

How Long Does Bonding Last

There’s no exact number of years to answer this question. Most dental bonding lasts between 4 and 8 years. Several factors influence how long it lasts. For starters, if the bonding was applied to the edge of a tooth, it won’t last as long since it’ll be affected every time you bite and chew.

What you eat will also play a role. Those who continue to eat and chew hard foods like crackers will harm their bonding more than those who avoid hard foods. To make your bonding last as long as possible, avoid using these teeth to bite and avoid hard food.

If bonding breaks or wears-off, it can easily be replaced here at TLC Dental Care. You can also opt for something else like a dental crown.

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