How Can ClearCorrect Improve My Smile?

Our experienced team is always learning new methods and treatments that best help to improve the appearance and function of smiles. There are a wide range of treatments that are commonly used to restore the alignment of teeth. ClearCorrect is an ‘invisible’ way to correct your smile so you can confidently achieve the smile of your dreams. Continue reading on to learn how our TLC Dental Care team can transform your smile with the help of the ClearCorrect treatment in the local Knoxville, TN area.

What is ClearCorrect?

ClearCorrect uses a series of clear aligners to straighten teeth over a period of time. They are custom made trays that can easily be removed. The constant pressure that is applied to the teeth allow for it to be moved into their correct positions.

What is Involved in Getting Started with a ClearCorrect Treatment?

Prior to getting your new aligners, your dentist will take a series of impressions and molds. The results will be sent on to the ClearCorrect lab where your initial tray will be custom made to fit your smile. They will create a computer representation of your teeth and show how the end result will look once the treatment is complete. The computer technology can also walk you through how each new tray will transform your teeth.

What Issues Can ClearCorrect Fix?

The following issues can be fixed with the help of ClearCorrect:

  • Crowded teeth
  • Spacing in between teeth
  • Overbites
  • Underbites
  • Crooked teeth

If you are affected with any of these issues, then contact our Knoxville, TN dentist to set up your next consultation and see if ClearCorrect can work for your specific situation. Our team can provide you with the specific information on cost and duration of treatment during this appointment.

Your local dentist at TLC Dental Care may choose to refer you to an orthodontist after your consultation if you have a unique situations. Therefore, contact our experienced team today to book your next appointment with a member of our staff and get on the path to a healthier and more beautiful smile.

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