When Should You Visit An Emergency Dentist Near You?

Sep 01, 2022

Whether or not a dental issue requires a trip to the emergency room. Delaying urgent care can lead to tooth loss, unbearable discomfort, and loss of consciousness. Having an emergency dentist who can reach out outside the normal working hours can guarantee easy access to treatment during a dental emergency. Contact our emergency dentist in Knoxville for urgent dental care.

Non-emergency dental issues

Most dental issues don’t always require you to drive to an emergency clinic in the middle of the night. If the symptoms are only minor to moderate, you can wait until morning when the dental clinic opens. While you can delay treatment for a few hours or days, seeking treatment as soon as possible is essential. Delaying or avoiding treatment will only make the symptoms worse, potentially leading to irreversible damage and the need for emergency care.

Common non-emergency dental issues include:

  • Minor bleeding when brushing
  • Mild toothache or sensitivity
  • Minor gum irritation and swelling
  • A lost or damaged restoration (unless pain accompanies it)
  • Non-painful tooth cracks and chips

When to Seek Emergency Dental Care

Call an emergency dentist near you or visit our dental clinic in Knoxville if you have the following symptoms:

  • Severe tooth pain

If you have unbearable tooth pain that worsens or won’t respond to over-the-counter medications, it’s time to call your emergency dentist. Severe tooth pain is often caused by severe tooth decay, dental trauma, or advanced gum disease. A headache or earache can accompany it. The dentist will diagnose the cause of the problem and design a treatment plan to alleviate the pain and address the underlying problem. Common treatments include a root canal, dental filling, dental crowns, or tooth extraction.

  • A loose tooth

Healthy teeth should be strong and stable to allow you to eat, speak, and brush without pain or difficulty. A loose tooth can happen from injuries from sports or car accidents, severe tooth decay, or advanced gum disease. Loose teeth can make eating and speaking difficult or even dislodge during sleep, causing choking. Urgent treatment is required to address the underlying issues and save the tooth. Delayed treatment will likely lead to tooth loss or allow the infection to spread, damaging the nearby teeth, gums, and bone.

  • Severe gum bleeding and sensitivity

Severe gum bleeding and pain is mainly caused by serious oral injuries or advanced gum disease. Regardless of the cause, urgent dental care must stop the bleeding and alleviate the discomfort. For periodontal disease, the dentist will design a customized treatment plan depending on the severity of the condition.

  • Severe gum swelling accompanied by pain.

A severe toothache and sore or swollen gums should prompt you to seek emergency dental care. These symptoms can indicate gum disease, dental trauma, or severe tooth decay. The dentist will diagnose the issue and provide the necessary treatment to address the underlying issue and provide relief from your discomfort.

  • Swollen jaw or neck

You should seek urgent dental care if your jaw or neck is swollen, especially if it’s accompanied by bad breath, fever, or trouble breathing or swallowing. A swollen jaw or neck often indicates an infection spreading to other body parts. If not treated promptly, the infection can spread to the brain and heart, causing life-threatening complications.

  • Dental abscess

You should visit our dentist in 37919 if you have a painful pus-filled pimple around a painful tooth. A dental abscess is often caused by untreated tooth decay, advanced gum disease, or dental trauma. The abscess can accompany a foul mouth taste, fever, or swollen glands. Immediate treatment is required to remove the infection and prevent it from spreading to other body parts.

  • Unexplained foul or metallic taste

An unexplained foul mouth taste or smell can signify conditions like advanced gum disease, tooth decay, oral cancer, or dental abscess. If you have a metal filling, it could mean that your fillings are damaged or loose. Immediate treatment is essential to address the problem and prevent further damage.

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