We're Changing Our Name

Jun 05, 2018

We’re moving to a new location aaaaand

We’re Changing Our Name

That’s right, not only are we moving to a new location but we are changing our name.  Our new moniker will be…

TLC Dental Care

Why?  Because we always strive to bring TLC to our dentistry and we decided that should be reflected in our name.  So we are going to renamed as TLC Dental Care.

Now I have to admit that I like that my initials are TLC (my middle name is Liane) so I still feel represented but I really want it to be less about me and more about the Tender Loving Care that my team and I try to bring to all of your dental care.  I’ll be using the new logo on all our future emails so don’t get confused, it’s still Dr. Cribbs and crew.

I did a mock-up of how our new place will look from the outside one day soon.

What do you think of our new logo?

Now on the renovation front: we’ve hired our contractor and renovations are beginning so we’ve gone from a blank canvas to plumbing trenches.  I’ll continue to send out photos to keep you in the loop with where we are on the new space.  It looks like we will be moving over to the new space sometime in July.

Warm regards,

Terrie Cribbs, DDS

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