The Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings

Apr 28, 2020

When you have cavities in your mouth, getting a filling will become imperative to prevent dental problems in the future. A cavity filling can be managed with metal, which is effective but leaves you exposed to the problem of dental issues later on. Thankfully, tooth-colored fillings are offering a safe and aesthetically appealing alternative for treating dental cavities. TLC Dental Care invites patients to schedule a consultation at their clinic to understand if tooth-colored fillings are appropriate for them. In this discussion, we are providing some of the benefits for prospective patients about tooth-colored fillings, which are becoming extremely popular.

Why Prefer Tooth-Colored Fillings?

Filling cavities with customized dental restorations from composite resin fillings offer patients several benefits over conventional metal fillings. Given below are some of the reasons why patients are choosing this variety over conventional methods.

Better Confidence among Patients

Composite resin fillings restore the teeth to its former glory by giving patients a cavity-free appearance. Patients will be able to smile confidently, knowing full well their teeth appear pristine and metal-free.

Aesthetic Appearance

Unlike metal fillings, tooth-colored fillings have an aesthetic appearance. The blend seamlessly with the surrounding teeth ensuring observers will not notice the patient has undergone dental treatment.

Replacements for Old Metal Fillings

Metal fillings placed earlier can be replaced with tooth-colored fillings to restore the appearance and the strength of the teeth that have already undergone the treatment.


Conventional silver amalgam can expand and contract with fluctuations in the temperature. The constant changes in the size of the fillings can eventually put pressure on the tooth, causing cracks and breaks. Tooth-colored fillings will not expand or contract to offer safety to the patient.

Custom Shaded

As the filling is made from composite resin, it can be custom shaded to match the surrounding teeth while providing nearly invisible cavity treatment.

Dental Strength Restored

These fillings are cemented to the tooth, ensuring restoration of its strength.

Tooth Discoloration Prevented

Metal fillings tend to change the color of the tooth to a greyish hint. In stark contrast, these fillings provide a better option to treat cavities because they will not discolor the teeth.


Composite resin fillings are durable and long-lasting. If proper dental care is provided, they can last for as long as a decade and 1/2.

Preserving the Tooth

When metal fillings are chosen, some portion of the damaged tooth needs to be removed before the placement. In stark contrast, only minimal amounts of the damaged tooth need to be removed for placing these fillings. This can prove beneficial because it helps to maintain the strength of the tooth and minimizes the likelihood of breakages in the future.

Alternative Tooth-Colored Remedies

Patients that want to restore their smile do not have to believe they can only rely on tooth-colored fillings. Dental fillings in Knoxville, TN, have alternative options in the form of dental crowns that are suitable for restoring the looks and the functionality of a damaged tooth. Porcelain veneers, dental bonding, and dental implants are also other varieties of treatments developed to improve your smile and oral health.

Tooth-colored fillings using composite resin or porcelain can entirely transform the smile of a patient giving him or her the self-confidence desired. Patients that want to enjoy the lifelong benefits of a gorgeous smile are recommended to schedule a consultation with TLC Dental Care without waiting any longer because it will be the first step to enjoy their smile confidently.

The days when patients did not have many options and only had to rely on the treatment suggested by the dentist for filling cavities no longer exists. Advances in dentistry and the willingness of dentists to offer multiple options to patients are now making it easier for them to decide on the type of material they want to have in their mouths. Composite resin fillings are just one part of the many advancements in dentistry and should be used by patients that are desirous of a beautiful smile.

Patients are, however, advised to take proper care of their dental health by brushing and flossing every day and visiting the dentist every six months to ensure cavities do not develop. However, if they do, patients also have the option of asking for tooth-colored fillings to correct the problem in their mouth.

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