5 Ways to Prevent Oral Cancer

Apr 18, 2018

The Prevent Cancer Foundation states that oral cancer is a highly preventable disease and also very treatable, IF caught early. Here is their list of 5 ways to prevent oral cancer:

  1. Don’t use tobacco in any form. If you use tobacco, quit. SmokeFree.gov has advice, recommendations, plans and apps to help you become an ex-smoker.

  2.  Limit alcohol to no more than one drink per day if you’re a woman or two drinks per day if you’re a man.

 3. Stay out of the sun, especially between 10 am and 4 pm when sunlight is strongest. If you are going to be in the sun, apply at least SPF 30 sun screen and wear a hat.

  4.  Always use lip balm with SPF 30 or higher. Your lips have no natural protection from the sun so be kind and smear ’em with some SPF goop. Remember soft moisturized lips are much more kissable than sun damaged ones.

5.  Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Isn’t this true for virtually everything?

Not using tobacco and not drinking alcohol in excess can prevent most oral cancer. However, one in four people diagnosed with oral cancer have no risk factors.  It’s important to see your dentist regularly for screenings because early detection is vital to treating oral cancer successfully.

At TLC Dental Care we do an Oral Cancer Screening at every cleaning and check up appointment. It is our commitment to the Knoxville community leads us to You should have an Oral Cancer Screening at least once a year. It’s two minutes that could save your live.

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