Our First Hiccup

Jul 03, 2018

We still don’t have our move in date yet (and you’ll see why below) but stay tuned, as soon as I know so will you.

We are working on the finishes now and we’ve had our first hiccup

It was bound to happen, a mistake and time delay.  The wrong flooring tile was ordered due to a keystroke error and now we are going to have to make a switch.  Hopefully this is a minor error and won’t take to long to correct. But this is exactly why I haven’t been able to give a date yet for when we will actually make the move over to the new space.

Thank goodness I like to photograph everything, it made it so easy to show our flooring guy the mistake.  The top two pictures were taken in a different light but the small dark strip going across the two tiles is actually the same color.  The picture on the  right shows the wall tile (solid color) and the flooring tile (variegated color) are almost the same color with the grout color (small strip) being much darker.  The picture on the left shows the small strip and the flooring tile (darker variegated) being much closer in color which provides a nice contrast to the wall tile (solid color).  I really like contrast so we are going to have to get the right tile ordered.

I thought you might like to see the designer’s drawing of the front desk to see how close reality eventually comes to the idea. I hope it’s very close because I really like the concept drawing.  What do you think?

In the meantime, we are busy packing all non-essential stuff (like all my books) and decluttering.  I found a misplaced jacket and one of my favorite umbrellas last Friday while decluttering the back room.  Not as good as finding money in a pocket during wash day but I’ll take it.

Have a great week and be happy! Visit our dentist in Knoxville today!

Warm regards,

Terrie Cribbs

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