Our Favorite Children’s Books

Nov 14, 2018

WITH THE HECTIC HOLIDAYS COMING UP I’ll be turning to books to take a mental vacation from the stress.  I have always loved reading and books and I bet everyone has a book that was special to them as a child, whether it’s a picture book their parents read to them or a novel that set off their imaginations. That’s why we decided to go back in time and reminisce about the books we most cherished when we were children! Join us in remembering all of the good childhood holiday memories while we sit back, relax, and remember the books that meant the most to us as kids.

Our Team’s Favorite Books

Dr. Cribbs (dentist)

Watership Down by Richard Adams – It was the first novel I ever read and I read it over and over.  It was a completely new world, yet set in my own, that just fascinated me.  And who doesn’t like bunnies!   When I would see a wild bunny in the yard I would try to figure out if they were like Hazel or maybe more like Bigwig.  And at the beach I would look for gulls with black heads but of course they don’t exist on this side of the ocean.   If Harry Potter’s adventures had been available I would have read them over and over again I’m sure, because I’ve read it a couple of times as it is.  Another wonderful world to visit.

Christina (dental hygienist)

The Trumpet of the Swan by E.B. White – I collected swans and thought that the idea of a swan playing trumpet was pretty cool.

Ingrid ( front desk coordinator)

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett – This book spoke to me because it was about an orphan girl and I was adopted.  I really liked reading about how the young girl transformed from a horrible, spoiled child to a kind hearted wonderful person.

Wendy (dental assistant)

(NOTE TO OUR CLIENTS: Please customize your blog post by providing your own content here. What was your most favorite book as a child? What made you love it so much? Do you have a special memory tied to that book? How long has it been since you read it?)

What Were Your Favorite Books?

We’ve shared our favorite childhood books with you, but we want to know about yours! Which books did you love most as children? Do you have any of the same ones from our list? Let us know in the comments! Visit TLC Dental Care today!

Don’t forget to enjoy a good book today!

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