Is There Any Need for a Smile Makeover?

Apr 01, 2021

A stunning smile is a thing of beauty. You will be able to exude confidence, and your smile will be a symbol of health. However, dental flaws are always there to remove the pep in your step. Stains on teeth, chipped teeth, or even missing teeth can make you have an awkward smile.

With modern dentistry, you can have a complete overhaul of your smile. No longer will discolored, damaged, or missing teeth hinder you from enjoying your smile. Now, you can change your smile in Knoxville, TN, 37919, since our dentist near you has a plethora of services designed to revamp any smile.

At TLC Dental Care, we offer smile makeovers since there are times when one cosmetic procedure would not be enough to get the desired result.

What Is a Smile Makeover?

Imagine that you need to redefine your smile and you have partly stained teeth, some missing teeth, and maybe one or two teeth are cracked or chipped. Now, there’s no single procedure that can deal with all these dental problems at once. You might need a series of procedures before your smile can be what you desire it to be.

This is where a smile makeover comes in. In a nutshell, it is a series of customized procedures performed over time to transform your smile.

Here are some things that you need to understand about smile makeovers before you decide to sign up for one:

  • A smile makeover incorporates a variety of cosmetic dental treatments and other dental procedures if necessary to get you the smile you desire
  • A smile makeover will be done over some time, and this means that there will be several dental visits that are dependent on the issues being addressed
  • Each smile makeover is unique because patients come with different issues. Therefore, every makeover is customized to each patient’s needs.
  • Before any cosmetic procedure is done, you will be treated for any other oral issue such as tooth decay or gum disease. This means that you will be getting a healthy and beautiful new smile
  • There will be an initial visit, which will help chart the course of your treatment based on the dental issues that need to be treated or corrected.

Undergoing a smile makeover can be one of the best decisions you can make since it can deal with cosmetic and oral health issues. You can bid farewell to issues such as stained teeth, missing teeth, gum disease, tooth decay, and any orthodontic issues.

Some of the Common Procedures Included In a Smile Makeover

A host of procedures can be performed depending on the dental issues that have to be corrected. Here’s a sneak peek:

  • Porcelain Veneers

If you have certain dental flaws, such as stained teeth, crooked, cracked or fractured teeth, dental veneers can cover such flaws. They are ultra-thin shells that are tooth-like, meaning that they look, feel, and function like your natural teeth.

During this dental procedure, Some of the enamel will be shaved off, and then the porcelain veneers will be bonded to the front surface of your teeth.

  • Teeth Whitening

No smile makeover can be complete without going for teeth whitening. Teeth are designed to be white. The whiter they are, the better your smile looks. Therefore, undergoing teeth whitening will give your smile a major facelift. However, it is performed after your teeth have been professionally cleaned and restored. Just like the other treatments, teeth whitening will be customized to fit your needs.

  • Dental Implants

When you have missing teeth, there’s no better solution than to go for dental implants. They are titanium rods that are placed in your jawbone and act as a root replacement. After your jaw heals and the implant is fused to it, a tooth replacement such as a crown, a bridge or even a denture will be placed on top. Your smile will be back to its former glory. With implants, it will be as though you never lost your teeth.

Are Smile Makeovers Worth It?

You might be wondering if all these procedures are worth it. Check out the benefits that come with undergoing smile makeovers:

  • Boosts your confidence since you will have an improved smile
  • Restores normal teeth function, which means that you can eat your favourite meals as you used to
  • Improves your oral health because a beautiful smile cannot be attained and maintained without proper oral health
  • Corrects speech issues that come about because of missing, shifting or misaligned teeth

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