In-depth Understanding of Mini-Implants and Their Significance

Aug 01, 2020

It’s challenging to find an ideal way for the replacement of your missing teeth. Some restorative procedures may not fit your needs, including dentures. Your dentist can advise on better options for your oral health through technology, and mini-implants can be a suitable solution for you.

The placement of mini implants is less-invasive then regular dental implants, and it’s applicable in retaining overdentures. You can have mini-implants with low-jawbone thickness, without the need for grafting. They are favorable in replacing your missing teeth even when you have bone loss, providing you with quality and satisfactory restoration.

A Closer Look at Mini-Implants

Mini implants resemble regular implants, but they are smaller. They are made from titanium material that’s robust and stable. You can undergo the placement of mini-implants with a same-day appointment. A mini dental implant involves a solid part inserted into your jawbone, and it has a top protrusion where a crown or denture is fixed.

Mini-implants provide you with similar functions to regular implants. They are tiny and minimally-invasive and are vital in adding to the stability of your permanent dentures. Your dentist uses local anesthesia to alleviate pain during the procedure, and the healing process takes effect fast since there are no stitches.

When Do You Need Mini Dental Implants?

Mini implants secure your removable dentures in your dense lower jawbone. Your dentist can use them in the following cases:

  • Replacement of front teeth
  • Premolar restorations
  • If your teeth are small-sized
  • In case your teeth are located in a narrow space.

The dental prosthesis is recommended since its more secure compared to regular implants. Surgical operations done on your dental may lead to further complications, but mini-implants are less invasive and comfortable to your natural teeth.

A Minimally-Invasive Procedure for Your Jawbone

If you want to avoid major surgery, mini implants are applicable. The quality of your bone may be insufficient due to the following reasons:

  • Sustained injuries that knocked-out your tooth
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Having a gum infection
  • Missing permanent teeth that have had no replacements
  • Mouth trauma that leads to the damage of your jawbone

Mini-implants provide you with an ideal option of avoiding a complicated surgical operation. Losing too much bone would require bone grafting for a standard implant, and mini-implants eliminate bone grafting.

Significance of Mini Implants

Mini dental implants are beneficial in replacing your missing teeth, and the insertion requires minor surgery. With mini implants, you get your artificial tooth ready to use, unlike regular implants. They resemble your natural teeth and are useful for your routine teeth functions immediately after the placement procedure. Mini-implants provide you with the following benefits:

  • Your facial appearance is preserved, since they are fixed to your jawbone, and your dental structure is restored, preventing the facial collapse due to bone loss.
  • They are comfortable and non-irritating to your soft oral tissues.
  • The mini implant procedure has no restrictions to your dietary and cleaning habits, and it’s convenient since healing occurs quicker than regular implants.
  • Mini-implants are vital in improving the fit of your dentures. Denture implants are realigned to improve their fit without slipping off.
  • The process is a simple, same-day appointment that’s suitable for the senior and children.
  • Rare complications related to the procedure with a less invasive approach for the replacement of your missing teeth

Mini implants are ideal for you if traditional implants are not compatible with your jawbone. You’ll manage to replace multiple teeth and restore your smile. If you lack the proper bone mass to support regular implants, it’s a suitable option.

Undergoing a Mini Dental Implant Procedure at Knoxville, TN

For you to have regular teeth implants, you need to undergo surgery, and the healing process takes a long duration. At TLC Dental Care, we use a mini dental implant procedure that involves a same-day appointment. Our dental practitioners evaluate your oral tissues’ condition and your jawbone and develop custom-made impressions for your dental.

We create your dentures or crowns that are fitted on your mini-implants. The placement procedure is comfortable and straightforward, and once a crown is cemented, you’ll restore the functions of your natural tooth. If your jawbone is inadequate for grafting, visit the dentistry near you for an ideal solution to your missing teeth. Please make an appointment with our dentists for an exceptional mini-implants procedure close to you.

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