This Week? Flooring!

Jun 26, 2018

Flooring Has Begun

Hello everyone!  We are still looking at July for our move in date.  I don’t know the exact day in July but be assured that when I do I’ll make a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT so you’ll be in the know.  For now though, let me tell you what’s happening this week.

Flooring is what’s happening this week.  There’s going to be 4 flooring treatments used in the office.  The reception area will have carpet tiles, the bathroom will have ceramic tile, the treatment areas will have a wood-look vinyl plank and the staff areas will have vinyl composition tile (the kind you see on most retail floors).

As you can see, the treatment area flooring is down and I think it looks goooood.  A bit dusty right now but good none the less.

Now I mentioned last week that the purple treatment room was just to much purple.  Well, the new purple has been chosen and hopefully it will be a little less suffocating and a bit more fun.  So Forget Me Not purple is out and it’s close second cousin, Brave Purple, will be rolled on instead.

I think it will take the rest of this week for all the flooring, if not more, and then it will be time for the cabinets. I’ll keep showing the pictures and in the meantime have a great week and be happy. Visit your dentist in Knoxville soon.

Warm regards,

Terrie Cribbs

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