Do You Need A Family Dentist Or A General Dentist?

Apr 01, 2023

Professional dental plays a significant role in maintaining a healthy, fully functional, beautiful smile. Having a dentist ensures that you receive reliable and prompt care whenever necessary. However, choosing the right dentist can be challenging.

Many dentists describe themselves as family dentists or general dentists, which can leave you wondering how to choose between them. This article looks at the differences between family and general dentists and outlines factors to consider when deciding between them.

Difference between Family and General Dentists

The key difference between a general and a family dentist is whether or not they treat kids.

Family dentists are general dentists with the training and skills to care for both baby and adult teeth. Thus, they provide dental care to people of all ages, from toddlers to grandparents. Family dentists primarily focus on dental prevention and education to keep your family’s mouths healthy and disease-free.

On the other hand, general dentist primarily deals with adults (16 years and above), though they can also accept school teens. General dentistry in Knoxville, TN, focuses on keeping your mouth healthy.

When working with a general or family dentist, it’s essential to inquire whether or not they accept kids and up to which ages. Family dentists can take infants as young as six months. You might have to work with a pediatric dentist if your child needs specialized care.

Common dental treatments and services provided by family and general dentists near you include:

  • Proper oral hygiene education
  • Comprehensive oral exams
  • Oral hygiene cleanings
  • Oral cancer screenings
  • Dental sealants
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Dental fillings, Onlays, and inlays
  • Root canals
  • Sports and night guards
  • Teeth whitening
  • Dental veneers, bonding, and crowns
  • Tooth extraction
  • Dental implants, dentures, and bridges

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Reason Why Choosing a Family Dentist vs. a General Dentist Matters

Several factors can influence your choice of a dentist. These include:

Do you have children?

For people with a family with young children, choosing a family dentist might be a good idea. Unlike a general dentist, a family dentist can provide dental care for all members of your family, from kids to senior adults.

You can also see a family dentist, general dentist, and periotic dentist. Pediatric dentists only provide dental care to children and teens under 18 years or people with special needs.

If you don’t have kids, you can choose either of them. However, if you plan to have kids, working with a family dentist can help establish a good relationship with the dentist before the kids come in. Your child will grow up with one dentist and team’s comfort, trust, and familiarity. It can help prevent or minimize dental fear or anxiety.

What services do you need?

Whether you work with a family or general dentist, you should ensure that they provide the various dental services you may need now and probably in the future. Doing so will help eliminate the need for unnecessary referrals or looking for a new dentist later. A family dentist is an excellent choice for having or planning to have kids.

Is the dentist qualified?

Both family and general dentists must have completed dental school. However, they might not need specialized training to offer dental services. However, a dentist continuing with education and training might be a positive thing. You can also consider their years of experience. The more experience, the more likely they are good.

You can also check whether they have awards or active membership to reputable dental bodies or organizations. For family dentists, check their communication. You want a dentist who’s friendly and comfortable to work with and can you handle your child well.

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