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Know The Risks Of Oral Piercings

THERE ARE MANY FORMS of self-expression, art, writing, fashion, even body piercing. When it comes to oral piercings, however–such as lip, labret, cheek and tongue piercings–it’s important to know all the risks involved. Know The Risks Before You Pierce Piercing anywhere near the mouth is very different than simply piercing an earlobe. The oral cavity is […]

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TLC Dental Care Announces VIP Celebration for July – We’re Celebrating YOU!

As a patient of TLC Dental Care, we want you to know how important you are to us!  So, during the month of July 2016, we will be celebrating YOU with our VIP CELEBRATION (Very Important Patient). You have done so much to support our practice that we want to say THANK YOU and give […]

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Is There a Certain Toothbrush I Should Use?

I am asked about toothbrushes and tooth brushing a lot.  Some folks worry that they are not using the right brush or not brushing correctly.  So here are my thoughts on the matter. Brushing for the right length of time is the most important thing. When it comes to tooth brushing there’s some factors to […]

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